5 Zen Methods for Happy Life.

Zen meditation comes from the Buddha religion. It has millions of practitioners in China and slowly spread in Japan. The stories of ZEN meditation reached every corner of the world. Not only, Asian countries practicing these five ways of ZEN meditation but also western countries adapting them to live a fulfilled life.

 Zen path, is a path to enjoy freedom, escape from worldly desires and pain. Zen meditation keeps the mind in a state of peace. In the earlier days, people were suffering because of lack of facilities and today people are suffering because of more facilities. Today you have everything in your hand but still not getting peace. People are restless. Zen Path is useful in such conditions. Those who follow Zen Path, have the following habits:

1) They see the situation in a broader sense

What is the main problem? If something unpleasant happens, we would get disturbed. We lose patience and control of our minds. Our stress would be increased. The people who follow Zen Path would ask one question to themselves: Whether this incident would affect me in the long run. We should ask this question to ourselves if something wrong happens. For example, someone has made a negative statement about us and we become angry and depressed. But whether it is good. If some incident or matter happens, we should think first whether it would affect me or not in the long run?

The reason for our sadness and anger is that unpleasant incident only. Our response and angry behavior to that incident would affect our whole life. You should not be angry about a matter which is not under your control.

2) They work less

When they work less doesn’t mean that they are lazy. It also doesn’t mean that they are not working much compared to our work. Less work means they don’t do more planning. They don’t have a list of things to do. That’s why their mind is free. They don’t think much or plan much constantly. That’s why whichever work they get they can do in a much better way than us. And they don’t feel mental stress.

What do we do? We always make goals in our life. And there is nothing wrong with making goals but we feel trapped in the feeling of stress and dissatisfaction till our goals have been reached. And do we feel satisfied and happy after achieving those goals? Never we plan for another goal and again become unhappy till that goal has been achieved. So, this constant feeling of dissatisfaction became part of our life.

Too much success gives us temporary happiness and again pain. So, the only solution to get out of this problem is to do less. So whatever work we get just does that without having the stress of that work. So, what would happen? How would that happen? When would I become successful? So, we have to stop thinking. The key to happiness is freedom of mind.

3) They practice patience every day.

Over speed is like a knife that cuts life and is not only a warning for the highway but also life. It is also a life rule. Being in a hurry and impatient may cause miseries in your life. We always heard that the fruits of patience are sweet, so why don’t we feel like tasting them? Patience is the only thing that can give you pleasure. So, impatience is the cause of our anger and depression or something else?

Those who can wait to pass the autumn can only be saved from the heat of autumn and can enjoy spring. Have u ever seen any tree sad on the arrival of autumn? Good and bad days are the nature of life. Patience is an adjustment to the situation. Those who can be patient during autumn can only enjoy spring.

According to one study, A person being patient for a longer time will achieve more happiness. You can’t have patience by just reading it. It takes a lot of effort and practice. Every day does some work at a slower pace.

  • Take longer route for home
  • Stand in a long queue in the market.
  • Solve Puzzles
  • Whenever you have to wait that time don’t watch clock but have patience, have patience. You would be as much happy as much patience you have in your life.

4) Never demand perfection

There is nothing perfect in this world. Have you ever seen the perfect thing in this world? Whether it’s natural or artificial? Everything is imperfect that’s why it’s getting developed. Perfection never gives development. When you want to make something perfect then you decide on some frame and your performance gets restricted within that frame. Because of that restriction in the frame, there is no scope for new development. There would not be any creativity.

 Perfection is like that only you would lose everything. It would increase frustration. Work hard and demand the best but always let the other possibilities open and keep them free. Kim Collins says Strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection. Zen followers never hope for perfection. It enhances their work as well as the quality of their life. Their life became happy and peaceful.

5) They accept the reality as it is:

We don’t have everything in our hands in our life. Life is unpredictable and uncertain. So, our efforts to change things that are not in our control only create pain and depression. Life always passes through different situations. And you can’t predict that. You have to accept life as it comes to you. Bad days become worst days because we don’t accept them. We become sad, become a rebel. But if we accept them peacefully things would become easier. Zen followers accept life as it comes to them. They never fight against God and nature.

We should follow these 5 principles in life rather than running behind money and fame to become happy and peaceful in our life. It’s not important that what happened to you at the end of the day but how you have reacted to the things given to you by life.

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