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Best Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Today’s blog post will help you get more traffic on the website. It would be fun to know all the free SEO tools for keyword research. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice to increase the number of visitors to the website through organic search engine results. SEO strategies and tools are used to generate solutions to get more impressions, clicks, and convert more visitors into leads. 

As a marketer or SEO manager, you are interested in locating your content on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing. As you know, keyword research plays a vital role in achieving good search positions. 

In this context, it is critical to use free keyword research tools popular in 2019 for more engagement and quality traffic. These tools are important for marketers to know about them. 

Here is the list of 8 top keyword research tools. 

8 Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research 


It is better to invest time in keyword research tools. If you’re tight on spending funds, then KeywordTools. Io will solve this problem.

It is a free and highly recommended tool for SEO experts. 

Here, you can also search for keywords to rank higher on Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, and tons of other top sites. In addition, it uses the same concept as Google keyword suggests searching for new long-tail keywords. KeywordsTools.Io offers you keywords from 192 Google domains and generates keyword suggestions using 83 Google language interfaces. 

If you’re looking to do SEO on sites other than Google, you would love to visit


       Soovle can suggest keywords from a handful of sites, but all in one place. I know, it is amazing and interesting. It also allows you to pull keyword ideas from Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and more.

Favorite Feature: Save all your keyword suggestions into a file. 

  • Open the suggestion box from the right side at the top and easily ‘ drag and drop’ your favorite keywords to save them. 
  • Then, click “Download  CSV” to download your saved suggestions into a file.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

 Ahref Keyword Explorer is a smart tool to discover thousands of keyword ideas, analyze them and generate potential traffic.

Features of this tool…

Ahrefs provides freedom to explore each keyword and generate in-depth information.

You can also see accurate search volume numbers every month. An SEO expert feels ease to find and prioritize keywords using a variety of filters such as keyword difficulty, word count, volume, and SERP.

Another feature of Ahrefs Keyword Explorer that you won’t find in any other tool. That allows you to see no. of advanced metrics for deeper insights using clickstream data. You can check clicks,% of clicks,% of paid clicks vs organic clicks, and click per search too.



Need more keywords? 

From short to long-tail keywords suggestions you’ll get on UberSuggest free. It will show you competitions, search volume, and even seasonal trends for a particular keyword. 

This free SEO tool lists all the keywords from A to Z based on previous searches. Therefore, it is a better way to know how to win an SEO game. 

Favorite features of UberSuggest: 

  • Get the insight of the SEO strategies.
  • Discover your competitor pages and find out keywords on which they are ranking.
  • Generate tons of content ideas that are gaining popularity on social media and more back links in your niche.
  • It is a unique tool to provide local keyword suggestions.


Amazing free tool for you!

Instakeywords is the only free tool that offers you hundreds of long-tail keyword suggestions with valuable keyword statistics. Not only keywords but also let you have fun with global volume, local search volume, cost per click (CPC), etc. 

This tool is entirely free for you.

Favorite Features of Instakeywords

  • You can create free campaigns. 
  • Save all keywords in a single click. (Other SEO companies provide this feature as a paid-service to users.)
  • No need to navigate or reload pages. (No ads or graphics added to this tool.)
  • Export all the suggested keywords into a CSV file.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is an excellent free SEO tool that not only suggests you topics on searched keywords but also provides the most relevant topics to generate rich content.

Favorite Features of Answer the Public

  • Suggest some relevant topics and generate new content ideas.
  • Check out the amount of competition on the relevant topics.
  • Uncover new niche topics to write on. 

Bulk Keyword Generator

Bulk Keyword Generator does keyword research uniquely. It follows some steps to narrow down the niche and generate local keywords relevant to your industry.

Here, follow some steps to find out local keywords that your potential customers use. 

  1. Choose your business category. 
  2. Tick mark the relevant topic related to your business. Click on Select Service Types.
  3. Enter your location. Click on ” Generate Keywords”.
  4. It will provide you with a list of potential local keywords.
  5. Below the list, find out an option to download suggested keywords into a CSV file.

Google Trends

Here, you can find a new list of keywords and search volume. 

You can use Google Trends in two ways:

  1. Search for a specific keyword
  • Enter a keyword. You can also filter searches by region, category, time, and more.
  • After that, look at the ” related topics” and “related queries” section. A list of relevant topics for content ideas will appear on the page . 
  1. Check out the popularity of a keyword

You can compare two or more keywords to know the popularity with them. But maybe you are wondering why is it important?

As you can see, interest in the “Keto Diet” is growing fast but fewer people searching for “Paleolithic Diet” than before.

Now you know, the Paleolithic Diet is a less trending keyword than Keto Diet. It will resolve your confusion regarding topics.  It tells you to narrow down your keyword research on the Keto Diet topic and decide the next keyword.


Invest your time, not money on SEO tools.

If you want to generate more productive traffic, use one of the best free keyword research tools above. Some amazing paid tools are also out there, but why not take the benefits of free stuff?

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