Nothing Comes Easy

Recently, I met with an amazing person , his story really made me realize . Comfort always put a barrier in achieving goals. He is a social entrepreneur who runs a social organization . His organization brings humans near spirituality and nature . Every year, he invites people from across the country or world to join in a “Yatra of Exploration” . I also met him the same way . As per my curiosity and more to know about this amazing person . I spent two or more days in his hometown. Got the chance to know his spiritual world , his simple lifestyle and positive thoughts towards life.

So , in the evening , after simple and delicious dinner , with veggies and fresh gourmet . I got the chance to talk with him , to know why did he quit a leveraging job ? What incident made him to realize , his life purpose of bringing people to explore their inner peace ? How come across with this idea of success and happiness , together ?

When he listened me curiosity , that were erupting like volcano . First he smiled , and then said , ” you know what , why don’t I answer all your questions with a story ?”

A Story , ” I surprisingly asked , hence I was keen to listen this wonderful story . That has all answers of my questions .

He started to tell his favorite story , A beautiful short story , I thought It would be.

A mouse was put at the top of a jar filled with grains. He was too happy to find so much food around him. Now he doesn’t need to run around searching for food and can happily lead his life. As he enjoyed the grains, in a few days’ time, reached the bottom of the jar. Now he is trapped and he can not come out of it. He may even not get the grain of his choice and he can not choose either.

Such a short story ,” I said . As I liked the the story , but didn’t find my answers .

Yes , I know , you need to be patient to know answers of your questions.” He calmly said . On his saying , I calmed down myself first . Then he explained four lessons that changed his life and made him realize the real purpose from a short story .

1) Short term pleasures can lead to long- term traps.

2) If things are coming easy and you are getting comfortable, you are getting trapped into survival mode.

3) When you are not using your skills, you will lose more than your skills. You lose your choices.

4) The right action has to be taken at the right time or else you will lose whatever you have.

Nothing comes easily and if it comes easily maybe it is not worth it.

He doesn’t want to be trapped in small pleasures of the world. While doing job, he thought , his happiness comes when he explores the world . That led him to become more spiritual from mind and heart . He has skills to share his thoughts and bring more people . Help them to feel self-confident and peaceful in the moment. Hence , he took the action by converting his desire of being own person and also enjoy success of changing multiple lives.

After my return , I thought to write my experience of meeting him . Share whatever lessons I’ve learned. If you also like this article , please share or comment .

Thanks .

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