Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a job
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Why Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle, not a Job

Being an entrepreneur is about choosing a lifestyle where you’re working on your goals. While it’s not possible without feeling happy for what you’re doing.

Young entrepreneurs have mistaken the concept of entrepreneurship. They think it’s all about freedom or become your boss. But it’s not like that.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you must commit to a vision and mission that let you choose this path. An entrepreneur needs to follow the learning and growing rules. Whatever you do 24/7, it should help you grow.

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, it’s not a business that someone started. You always have to be at the right time. You always look forward to the next opportunity to grow.

Entrepreneurial lifestyle can’t stand on economic win only. It should bring happiness you while focusing on work. However, many entrepreneurs forget that happiness is a part while trying hard to succeed.

Instead, being a successful entrepreneur is similar enjoy being an actor. Just imagine if every successful actor left the business after his or her first movie did not become a hit. That’s not how it works. Being a prominent actor is about striving to make that second, third, fourth movie a hit.

Many entrepreneurs tie their goals to a single project. If that one fails, then quit the whole journey. Also, some give up on dreams and take a new job in any company.

It’s difficult road to travel. Here are some points you should know to understand that entrepreneurship is not work, rather, it is a lifestyle.

5 points to know why entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a 9 to 5 job.

Entreprneurship is not a lifestyle, but a job

1. Working at Weird Hours

Most entrepreneurs know what they love to do. That’s why working at late night or in the early morning not a big deal for them. For example: meeting new clients or investors before 8:00 a.m or preparing a new strategy in the night before going to bed.

Working at weird hours is fun for entrepreneurs. On the weekends, people watch series on Netflix or go out at a bar for fun. On the other side, entrepreneurs try to secure a new opportunity for the business. This sound fun for them.

If it’s a lifestyle, then you will feel the freedom to complete the task in the meantime. Unlike people who wait to have some fun after working hours.

Here, planning a schedule for every week and follow that also a way to live a healthy entrepreneurship lifestyle.

2. Work and Life Same

It’s like work-life integration rather than work-life balance. Balancing work-life is a strange aspiration to live a fulfilling life. You can’t balance the heaviness of work and lightness of life altogether. 

This is a false hope.

For entrepreneurs, work is a part of life. It is an aspect of life – like your friends and family.
It’s not like that entrepreneurs struggle to categorize ‘work’ and ‘life’. Instead, these people categorise their days into what they ‘love ‘ and ‘loathe’.

Also, try hard to find out interesting in the loathe category. 

However, you can’t always do only what you love. But always find love in what you do. 

3. Crazy Enough to Think Beyond

Every successful entrepreneur can think outside of the box. A successful business needs someone whose mind works crazy enough to think beyond. 

  Popular artists and successful business owners imagine things that 90% of people don’t. As a great artist and entrepreneur said:

Think beyond your lifetime if you want to accomplish something worthwhile. – Walt Disney

For eg: Olympic athletes always be at the top of the game. Think to do more than what’s expected of them. Thus, they go above and beyond to win gold. 

Just like this. An entrepreneur needs to go ahead and beyond what other’s people think. Also, check out every possibility to turn a venture into a successful brand.

4. A Journey Full of Responsibility

Something that makes a small venture into a successful business is the responsibility of an entrepreneur. 

Personally, 80% of entrepreneurs avoid their responsibility for their failures, problems, and business.

If you want to build a business, you must be responsible for that. 

You cannot say that customers don’t want to buy your products or services. Here, you need to shed some light on your market research. Besides, analyze the research you have done to know what customers will like to buy.  

If your company’s employees are not so good and irresponsible. Then think, who hired them first? As an entrepreneur or a leader, you must find the best employees for your business and also build a strong team.

It is you who need to make the right decisions in every critical situation.

5. It’s a Never-Ending Story

This uncomfortable truth about entrepreneurship nobody likes to talk about.

Actually, it is a journey filled with ups and down. Each stage of building a company, from the inception of an idea to the day you let go, filled with unexpected obstacles, sacrifices, and rewards.

Entrepreneurship is a never-ending Ferris Wheel. You will sometimes feel exhausted by what you’re doing. 

It is a tough game. It can’t win by following the same way. You need to know different ways to maintain your sanity. 

Also, follow healthy lifestyle tips to live as a healthy entrepreneur. 


Living your life as an entrepreneur is a choice. You only work harder than expected. Make your entrepreneurship lifestyle worth living. 


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